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Wireless Bluetooth-compatible Selfie Stick Foldable Mini Tripod

Wireless Bluetooth-compatible Selfie Stick Foldable Mini Tripod

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Q02S product description:: Appearance parameter Product size :45 x 35 x 194~1045 mm colour :black, white Hardware parameters (Selfie) Bluetooth-compatible version Bluetooth : 4.0 Transmission Frequency :2.4GHz-2.4835GHz Working Voltage : 3V Bluetooth distance :10M Battery CR1632(CAN CHANGE) system : Android 4.4 and above / iOS 5.1 and above Hardware parameters (fill light) RX Battery : 70mha Charging Current :DC5V/100mA Working Current :100mA Consumed Power :100mA Number of White light: 4 PCS Number of warm light :4 PCS Playing Time 1 h or more White lamp brightness 6500K, whole lamp lumen: 45lm, power: 0.37W Yellow lamp brightness 3000K, whole lamp lumen: 39lm, power: 0.37W Mixed lamp brightness 4500K, whole lamp lumens: 54lm, power: 0.41W LED lamp power 0.2W/PCS The light pattern warm light/cold light/cool and warm light 6-speed dimming Hardware parameters Materials: ABS+Stainless Steel (Stainless Steel) Phone size :65-92mm Tripod open to maximum height 990mm Charging cable*1 (Q02 without cable)

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