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Universal Roller Blinds Suction Cup Sunshade Blackout Curtain

Universal Roller Blinds Suction Cup Sunshade Blackout Curtain

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HIGH QUALITY:The blackout is made of PVC fabric,solid and long service life.That back of the sliver coating is anti-sun and reduce heat.easy to clean

PROTECT:It can block harmful UV rays and reduce heat and noise from outside.

WIDELY USED:Sun shade for windows, balcony doors, sloping roof or patio roof, bedroom, children"s room, office room, hotel room, home cinema or motorhome.

This product is packed in one piece, and each piece is equipped with 3 suction cups.

Packaged include: 1x sun blind (with 3 suction cups)

Specifications: width:40cm,height:60cm;  width:40cm,height:125cm;

The quality of the suction cup is made of brand-new materials, and the suction is quite good! You can suck horizontally or vertically at will! Everything is OK

[instructions for use]:

1. Clean your window glass to ensure that the suction cup can be stably adsorbed on the window

2. Press a suction cup with an alloy rod on one end of the window glass to fix the heat insulation curtain on one side of the window.

3. The other suction cup is adsorbed on one end of the window. When in use, the plastic ring is pulled out and buckled on the suction cup at one end.

4. When you don"t want to use the heat insulation curtain, just gently pull the small round particles on the upper side of the suction cup to make the suction cup separate from the glass, and the heat insulation curtain will roll up automatically

Tips for installing sucker:
Summer high temperature or long time adsorption, placing, extrusion. If the suction cup is deformed or shows signs of falling off, please apply water around the suction cup slightly to strengthen the adsorption fastness. If the suction cup is deformed due to packaging, you can put it in water and iron it to restore the prototype.

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