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Telescopic Sink Shelf Kitchen Sinks Organizer

Telescopic Sink Shelf Kitchen Sinks Organizer

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【Easy to Install】

1.✅Insert the hanger
2.✅Align the slot and rotate to the right

【Telescopic Design】

The kitchen sink sponge frame adopts humanized movable telescopic device, which is suitable for sinks of various sizes. The minimum length of the applicable water tank is 24CM, and the maximum length is 40CM.


✅VENTILATED DRAIN:Create a healthy environment by keeping your cleaning devices dry. The drain holes are evenly distributed, allowing the water to safely exit the bottom giving your sponges and rags time to properly dry.

✅SCALABLE DESIGN:Can meet different needs, suitable for various sizes of sinks, freely adjust the length, can be large-capacity storage.

✅TOWEL BAR:Doubles as a towel bar! The sleek design gives you a neat and tidy space to hang and dry towels, keeping your damp cloth dry, ventilated, clean, and hygienic.

✅THICKENING DRAIN BOX:Easy to store scrubbing utensils, such as dishwashing liquid, hand sanitizer, brush bowl ball, etc.

✅EASY INSTALLATION:Designed to be as simple as possible, easy to remove and wash. The buckle installation is more stable and will not shake.


Material: ABS
Size: 36CM × 9CM × 5CM
Weight: 260g
Color: Blue,green,red,yellow
1 x Updated Telescopic Sink Storage Rack

As a gift for your loved ones,this limited stock Updated Telescopic Sink Storage Rack will be the perfect!

Keep your kitchen sink always clean & tidy!

Adjustable to fit any size of sinks,large capacity storage.

Washing Machine Refrigerator Stand Base

Super easy installation
Waterproof and moisture-proof
Adjustable sizes from 46 cm to 71 cm
Fits every device in your household

Kitchen Sinks Organizer Soap Sponge Holder

·Ventilated Drain
·Scalable Design
·Towel Bar
·Thickening Drain Box
·Easy Installation


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