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Oil Bottle Kitchen Oil Spray Bottle

Oil Bottle Kitchen Oil Spray Bottle

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1. This screaming full-press oil bottle, which has been popular in the market recently, quickly came out of the circle with its environmentally friendly PP material, ultra-practical functional characteristics and ultra-low price.

2. No oil leakage: Different from other oil bottles, it can truly achieve no oil leakage or hanging oil when squeezing oil, and no excess liquid will leak out.

3. Good for health: Since there will be no excess liquid leaking and blocking the bottle mouth, the bottle mouth will not breed bacteria.

4.Quantitative oil control: quantitative oil production, without wasting oil, can also develop a healthy low-oil eating habit. Good for health.

5. Simple and convenient: there is no excessive packaging, you can see what the bottle contains at a glance, and there is a scale on the side of the bottle, so you can always know the changes of the solution in the bottle.

6. Lightweight and easy to carry: The bottle itself is very light, which is very suitable for carrying when going out on a picnic.

7. Multi-function: In addition to oil, it can also hold other sauces, such as: ketchup, mayonnaise, soy sauce, olive oil, etc. The general purpose can prevent the sauce from leaking and breeding bacteria. Excellent.

8.PP5 material, acid and high temperature resistance, can be used repeatedly after cleaning, durable, healthy and environmentally friendly.



1. Capacity: 500ML

2. Material: PP environmental protection material

3. Color: As shown



Package Include:

1PCS:1 X Press Bottle

2PCS:2 X Press Bottle

3PCS:3 X Press Bottle

5PCS:5 X Press Bottle

8PCS:8 X Press Bottle






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