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Mop180 Degree Self-Wringing Mop Squeeze

Mop180 Degree Self-Wringing Mop Squeeze

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Automatic Self-Wringing Mop Flat Mop Easy Mop with PVA Sponge Mop Heads Free Hand Washing Self-Wringing for Bedroom Floor Clean

Get effortlessly clean floors while saving time and water

•  Self-wringing mop head squeezes out excess water                           швабра с отжимом

•  Made from soft and absorbent PVA                                       швабра

•  Doubles up as a duster when dry   швабра для мытья полов

•  Slender swivel head fits into small spaces

•  Easily rinse dirt from the seamed sponge

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Self-wringing mop head with 4 rollers to squeeze out excess water

Avoid sopping wet floors. The rollers compress the sponge on all sides, so it"s much more efficient than wringing out water by hand.

Made from super-soft and absorbent PVA

The sponge is tough on stains but gentle on your floors.

Use dry for quick dusting

Save time and water – the mop is perfect for picking up dust and dirt, even when it isn"t wet.

Slim rectangular design with swivel head cleans those hard-to-reach places

The slender mop head fits effortlessly into small gaps and under furniture.

Dirt easily washes off seamed sponge

Simply place under running water to rinse away dust and grime.

Stands upright for compact storage

The freestanding design neatly stows away, saving you precious cupboard space.

Comes with silicone-based cleaning solution

Your mop is great at removing even stubborn stains.


Brand name: Eyliden
Origin: China
Absorption: <10 seconds
Type: Single-drive
Shape: rectangle
Color: White
Mop head material: PVA sponge
Handle material: steel
Weight: <2kg/4.4lb
Capacity: <300ml/10.1oz
Handle type: telescopic
Model number: F-60
Corrosion resistance grade: 9.0–9.9

Package Contents

1 × mop head with steel pole

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