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Household Eletric Vacuum Food Sealer

Household Eletric Vacuum Food Sealer

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This two Vacuum sealers machine are the different appearance but in same function.

Sealer width:Max 29.5cm
Production capacity:3-8 (times/min)
Sealing width:2.53mm

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Q1:Why does it melt the bag and seal badly?
A1:Each time you use the machine, please make sure that the heating wire is cooled for a good effect.The recommended interval is 40 seconds

The machine is suitable for dry goods. It cannot vacuum for liquid, and can not vacuum with a lot of oil-water powder products. Suffer moisture will caused broken immediately.
Liquid frozen solids can be vacuumed, and a special single-sided textured bag must be used. Ordinary smooth and transparent bags cannot be vacuumed, but can only be sealed. Kraft paper, yin and yang bags, aluminum foil, and fabric bags cannot be sealed, and the folded bags cannot be vacuumed

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