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Floor Cleaning Squeeze Mop Triangle Self-squeezer

Floor Cleaning Squeeze Mop Triangle Self-squeezer

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Item: Triangle mop

Material: stainless steel rod + ABS plastic + fiber mop

Color as shown

Size: mop 130cm pole length, 27cm panel length


1. Sleek design extends reach beneath and around furniture. Removes the dirt and grime from those hard to reach places.

2. Two reusable microfiber pads give you the chance to clean over and over again with the benefit of them being machine washable.

3. ,33cm length panel, more worry-free for large area cleaning.

4. Space-saving design, can be stored in a vertical corner, occupying less space, also for quick dry.

5. Works with: Stone, Tiles, Laminate, Hard Wood, Vinyl, Bamboo, Cement, Baseboards, and Drywall.

[Packing List]:
1 x (mop rod+panel +1mop cloth)/

1 x (+mop rod+panel +2 mop cloth)

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