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Anti-Vibration Feet Pads Washing Machine

Anti-Vibration Feet Pads Washing Machine

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1. Suitable for foot protection furniture such as tables and chairs, sofas, washing machines, beds, coffee tables, etc.
2. Made of TPR material, it can prevent your machine and dryer from walking and reduce the transmitted vibration
on the ground.
3. The bottom diameter pad is 10cm, the top diameter is 4.6cm, and the height is 4cm. It is suitable for most washing machines and dryers.
4. Good vibration absorption capacity makes your washing machine more stable and balanced,
Keep your clothes beautiful and beautiful.
5. Rugged, easy to carry, waterproof and wear-resistant.

Product information:
Item No.: Refrigerator, cabinet, washing machine foot pads are moisture-proof
material: plastic
Scope of application: washing machine, refrigerator
Specification: one cone and one circle (stackable)

Size Information:
40*100mm (mm)

Packing list:

Furniture mat x4

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